Fitness and Health

The workplace can be a demanding and stressful environment for employees. Too much stress over work can result in what we call “job burnout.” Employees suffering from “job burnout” will grow increasingly unproductive, as they never learn to recover their energy. However, with fitness and health coaching from Total Coverage, your employees can learn how to deal with stress and maintain a healthy workplace.

Our fitness and health training programs focus on the personal development of each employee. We first show them how to identify the symptoms of “job burnout” and their effects on motivation. From there, we teach them stress management strategies so they can learn to avoid “job burnout” and retain high energy levels. 

We then help employees identify what makes them a uniquely valuable worker. We demonstrate how each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses and how to use them in a teamwork environment. This helps employees feel a sense of personal value as a member of the workforce, which in turn leads to lowered stress and increased productivity.

We also offer AAAI/ISMA fitness certifications for health and wellness trainers. Certification programs are available for the following disciplines:

• AAAI/ISMA Primary Instructor
• Cycle Instructor
• Pilates Phase I & II Instructor
• Personal Fitness Trainer Phase I & II
• Weight Training
• Aqua Instructor Phase I & II
• Pre/Postnatal Instructor
• Older Adult Instructor

Professionals with an M.S., M.D., or Ph.D. instruct these skill courses. Some practices taught will be practical in application while others are theoretical. 

With the Pittsburgh area reporting high levels of work-related stress, there has never been a better time to have your employees trained in stress management, as well as health and wellness. Reach out to Total Coverage for your fitness and health training needs!