Total Coverage is a nationally renowned firm that offers customized keynotes, retreats, seminars and workshops on topics ranging from management development to personal wellness and is owned and operated by Marlene Jenkins who has presented programs to diverse businesses, organizations, and associations throughout the world.

Throughout her career, Marlene has received consistent recognition as an outstanding educator and speaker. Her deep commitment to both family and profession is reflected in her mission to leave you with "An experience that lasts a lifetime."

Marlene Jenkins operates TOTAL COVERAGE, a management consulting and employee development company. She has 25 years experience in human resources, specializing in communications, employee relations, organizational development, executive coaching, training and delivery.

Marlene is a motivational speaker and frequent presenter for the International Sports Medicine Association. Marlene earned a B.S. in Social Work from California University of Pennsylvania and graduate studies in Guidance and Counseling from Edinboro University. She studied exercise physiology at Slippery Rock University and is a certified Play Therapist. Recently she was the recipient of the Walker Award for Academic Excellence in Graduate Studies from Mercyhurst College where Marlene earned her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.

She is the author of The Complete Book of Aerobic Etiquette and composer of The Mental Massage audio tape series.

The Mental Massage by Marlene Jenkins

Need help to get relaxed and recharged for the day? Let Marlene walk you through a guided meditation to get you back where you need to be.

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Training...delivered to meet your deadlines...around your work schedules and budget at your workplace. Total Coverage delivers customized on-site training to fill skill gaps and to meet project specific needs.

Choose between a three to four hour Skill Development Workshop or a one to three day Skill Development Seminar examining the same topic. Keynotes and Retreats available by request.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marlene Jenkins for over 15 years. She is an educated, insightful and powerful speaker who has the ability to translate multifaceted concepts into user-friendly ideas that people can integrate right now.
— Joe Cannon, MS -

"An experience that lasts a lifetime."

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Trainers and educators, by nature, hold themselves and their abilities in very high regard. With over 25 years in training and education, I have yet to see anyone in the field who would admit that someone else may be able to do as good of a job - or better than they could.

Having said that, I sincerely and respectfully admit that Marlene is THE best trainer I have ever worked with - present company included. It is a joy to work with her. I am constantly impressed with Marlene’s talent. She is highly organized, extremely creative and adapts to any setting. I have watched Marlene getting the message across to both hourly workers and company Presidents with equal results.
— John R Mumford - Executive Director of Enrollment Management, University of Pittsburgh at Titusville